Need A Fake Paycheck Stub?


Whether you are looking to fool some friends into thinking you got a fancy promotion, or if you just want to make it look like you earn more per paycheck - a fake paycheck stub can help you out.

Usually when people want to make a fake paycheck stub, they are not sure where to start. Often, someone looks at an old paycheck stub and tries to use it as a guide to creating a new fake check stub. More often than not, this has terrible results.

Instead, why not use a fake check stub file that is from a real check stub - all you have to do is enter in your info and voila! you have made your own custom fake pay check stub in minutes!

The file is a Word .doc file, which can also be opened in Mac's Pages program and the free OpenOffice program.


  • Easy to Edit!
  • Save To Your Computer to Use Over and Over!
  • Immediate Download Link Available After Payment!
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